5 Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Producing Loud Noises

October 20, 2022
Furnace in Orchard Park, NY

It is usual for your heating system to make low noises during operation. However, if you notice loud, strange noises coming from the unit, it’s often trying to tell you something. Although some people can get used to the persistent humming, whistling, or screeching, it’s not a good idea. You should not ignore audible warning signs that there’s something wrong with your furnace as they can indicate serious problems with the unit. Without immediate attention or repairs, the problems can eventually damage your residential property or even hurt your family. Below are five common reasons why your furnace is producing loud noises.

1. Dirty Burners

One of the common causes of furnace noises is dirty burners. Loud boom or bang sounds coming from your heating unit indicate dirty burners. Having a dirty burner in your furnace can lead to ignition delays. As a result, the gas will accumulate rather than ignite right away. When the gas builds up enough, a spark will ignite the accumulated gas, causing a small explosion within your furnace. This problem mainly occurs due to a lack of annual maintenance and requires the attention of an experienced HVAC technician. Scheduling furnace maintenance in the fall can help eliminate this problem. During the maintenance calls, the technician will inspect and clean or replace the burners if necessary to eliminate this dangerous issue.

2. Defective Heat Exchanger

Your furnace can also produce loud noises due to a faulty heat exchanger. Rattling sounds coming from your heating system indicate a loose screw or a loose panel. Nevertheless, if the rattling noise is not from a loose access panel or screw, it can be a sign of a defective heat exchanger. There may be a crack or a leak in the furnace’s heat exchanger.

The primary cause of cracks in the heat exchanger is the lack of airflow within the furnace. If airflow gets restricted by dirty coils, blowers, and filters, heat may build up in the heat exchanger, causing splinters and cracks. This problem occurs when you ignore or skip furnace maintenance for a long time. A defective heat exchanger can cause carbon monoxide leaks into your home. Therefore, you should contact a professional technician immediately if you notice rattling sounds from your home’s furnace.

3. Faulty Blower Motor

A defective blower motor may produce high-pitched whistling or squeal noises. You may also experience loud screeching and rattling sounds. The work of the blower motor is to push heated air from the furnace via the ductwork into your house. The blower motor contains bearings that can age or overheat, increasing unit tear and wear that lead to loud, unusual sounds. If your home is experiencing limited airflow, the blower motor may also strain to pull air, causing whistling sounds.

A faulty motor mount could also cause rattling sounds when it comes into contact with its housing. If you notice these strange noises coming from your heating unit, you need to contact a technician to address the problem. Ignoring these noises can cause damage to other parts of your unit, leading to a furnace breakdown.

4. Electrical Problems

You might also experience buzzing or humming sounds coming from your heating system when it has electrical issues. While a dull hum may be normal, it might indicate a serious issue when the noise is too loud. It can indicate a problem with the fan or issues with the motor. A furnace expert can inspect the unit’s electrical components to prevent further damage to the unit.

5. Loose Blower Wheel

A furnace blower wheel is responsible for pushing air through your ductwork. If the wheel loosens, it can make loud clanking sounds as it hits the house casing of the blower. If you notice loud clanking noises coming from your furnace, you need to contact a professional to perform a furnace inspection. If the damage to the blower wheel is minimal, the technician can easily fix it. Nonetheless, if the damage is major, you’ll need to replace it to restore your furnace’s efficiency.

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Knowing the difference between abnormal and normal furnace noises is the first step toward establishing whether you have a harmless issue or one that is a major cause for concern. If your furnace begins making unusual noises that you’ve never heard before, call in a technician from Vastola Heating & Cooling to check your heating system. Our heating experts will conduct an inspection, identify the issues, and recommend a suitable course of action to solve the issue.

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