5 Issues Caused By Dirty Ductwork

July 15, 2022
Dirty Ducts in Orchard Park, NY

Air ducts in good condition help keep your home cool and warm throughout the year. Clean air ducts are important because they help protect you from high expenses as your bills are likely to increase. If your home experiences abnormally high or cold temperatures, it’s high time to consider ductwork cleaning. Here are the top ways dirty ductwork can impact your air supply.

1. Dust Buildup

Your HVAC system may get clogged with dust if it is circulated too often. Creating a narrower aperture for air travel will reduce your ducts’ efficiency. A properly fitted HVAC unit is precisely designed for your house’s square footage and the size of your ducts. Indoor comfort will decline, and utility costs will increase if this precise balance is disturbed.

While you may clean the register independently, a professional should handle seriously blocked air ducts. Unclean air ducts often point to another issue. Frequently, system leaks allow dust to enter. If you have dusty ducts, you may want to seal and insulate them to solve the issue.

Dust also has the likelihood of slowing down the air filter. By delaying the airflow through your filter, dust may reduce the effectiveness of your HVAC system. At least once every three months, you should replace your filter and examine it. Filter replacements will likely be required more often in homes with dogs, kids, and significant amounts of dust. Dust buildup in your filter makes it difficult for your HVAC system to draw air through, which reduces energy efficiency.

2. Mold Accumulation

If there are no obvious indications of mold in a house, particularly in the air ducts, then most people believe they are secure from it. However, old in air ducts or other HVAC system components is one example of a problem location that often cannot be seen.

A domestic air duct cleaning may be able to assist if you or members of your family are suffering from allergy problems while inside your house. Cleaning mold from your HVAC system, along with a routine examination of your air ducts, will help keep your house safer and more allergy-free.

Despite the absence of any mold-related health issues, your house may nevertheless display additional indications of mold development in the air ducts. One of the most obvious symptoms is a musty odor that permeates your whole house and has no other logical explanation. The condensation from the HVAC system may be the origin of water spots that some homeowners observe on the ceiling.

3. Leaking Moisture

Although moisture in your air ducts may first appear innocuous, if neglected, it can result in major issues, including mold formation or mildew. Additionally, moisture in your ductwork may indicate underlying issues that need attention.

Moisture may indicate a duct with low temperature. Unused air conditioning ducts in unheated areas may accumulate moisture during the heating season. In a room without air conditioning, moisture can accumulate in the summer if cold air travels through a duct.

4. Spikes in Energy Bills

Dirty ducts reduce your HVAC system’s efficiency. Your HVAC system must work harder to heat or cool your house when it is less efficient because the system must spend more energy to maintain your house at the proper temperature. This additional effort results in higher energy costs.

Instead of addressing the root cause of indoor air quality problems, some homeowners spend money on air purifiers and other solutions. Your house’s air ducts carry most of the air, and as dust and dirt accumulate, all of that air is driven through the irritants.

5. Unexplained Respiratory Problems

Breathing might be difficult when the air is of poor quality. If you have mold or decomposing vermin in your air vents, you may experience symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. According to the American Lung Association, poor indoor air quality can lead to the development of germs, infections, and, in some circumstances, even lung disease.

Our long-serving professionals at Vastola Heating & Cooling are experienced at ensuring your ducts are clean to help you avoid the above-listed risks. You can also count on our professionals to handle your equipment with the greatest attention as we clean your air ducts. Your duct system will be in excellent condition once our team uses its noninvasive techniques. We also keep our workspace neat and pick up after ourselves.

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