Heat Pump Service in Niagara Falls, NYHeat pumps are highly efficient in heating and cooling your home; instead of having two separate systems, heat pumps have dual usage. Heat pumps in your home in Niagara Falls are aggressively used — Niagara Falls experiences cold, snowy winters and hot summers, with the city having a snowier climate compared to most cities in the United States. This means that heat pumps work overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature. To ensure the operational life of your heat pump here is scheduled maintenance that a professional should conduct.

    Vastola Heating & Cooling Services and Maintenance

    Heat pumps should be professionally inspected twice a year for residential units. As mentioned, Niagara Falls has intermittent weather — which means that heat pumps are going to pull double duty. Because they run most of the year, they will have more wear and tear. Due to their frequent use, heat pumps should be serviced twice a year.

    Professional maintenance in the spring and fall. Your heat pumps should be inspected before warmer weather arrives and again before winter. This cyclical maintenance will be conducted before entering periods of heavy use. Regular tune-ups will safeguard your system’s performance, mitigating issues, with our professionals detecting any issues before they become more significant problems.

    Services and MaintenanceChange filters every couple of months. Heat pumps circulate air, and a heat pump will work harder to force air through a clogged filter. The regular cleaning and replacing of filters will ensure that your heat pump works as efficiently as possible. If your home has an outdoor unit, make sure that it is free of debris. Shrubbery should be about 3 feet away from the outside units; the unit’s fins should be unobstructed, and no tall trees should be directly overhead. This is to prevent bark and falling debris possibly damaging the unit.

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