AC Dangers: What You Should Never Do

September 10, 2019

You may think that air conditioners don’t require a lot of maintenance or care, but they suffer from malfunction and failure over time with normal use. Many homeowners aren’t aware that they’re making mistakes that can lead to a few AC dangers. Here is how you can avoid common problems and keep the appliance operating efficiently during the warmer seasons.

1. Failing to Repair Emerging Issues

It’s easy to put off repairs that are needed with your AC system because you don’t have the time or may not want to spend the money. Unfortunately, failing to repair emerging issues that are beginning to develop can lead to AC failure. Protecting your AC investment is necessary to avoid having to replace the entire unit if you don’t perform repairs in a timely manner.

2. Allowing Outside Air Into the Building

Opening the windows or not sealing drafts can affect the efficiency of your air conditioner and how well it operates over time. You’ll reduce its operating efficiency if the appliance is struggling to maintain the temperature in the home, which can lead to repairs that need to be performed by a company like Vastola Heating & Cooling in Erie County.

3. Failing to Perform Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance will ensure that any issues are quickly addressed with your appliance. Hire a technician to inspect the product and perform a tune-up at least once each season.

4. Using a Dirty Air Filter

Air filters can quickly become dirty after a month or two, which makes it necessary to replace the filter. This step will improve the airflow in the building and won’t cause excess strain on the AC parts.

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