3 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Usage

June 24, 2019

Most people don’t give a lot of thought to their energy usage until they receive the utility bill each month. A significant amount of energy is used each day due to multiple appliances and devices that are always operating. If you want to become more energy efficient, there are a few steps to take that will pay off.

1. Replace Your Air Filter

It can be easy to forget to replace your air filter on your HVAC system because it’s out of sight, which means that it’s out of mind. Replacing your air filter every month or two is necessary to ensure that the appliance can operate well. This will also ensure less energy is used to heat or cool the interior of your home. Replacing the air filter will also prevent dirt and allergens from circulating in the building. This will protect your health and allow you to continue breathing easy.

2. Insulate Your Home

Adding extra insulation to your home will help to maintain the temperature in the building each season in all types of weather conditions. Insulation works as a protective barrier that prevents heat or cold air from transferring into the house. That way your HVAC system doesn’t have to work harder than necessary. Check the insulation in your home, in the walls, and near the pipes. You can also add insulation to the pipes on your water heater to prevent it from working as hard during the winter months.

3. Inspect for Leaks

Inspecting the building for leaks will allow you to determine where drafts may be present and where any air may be escaping or entering. Adding weatherstripping to certain doors or caulking the holes or cracks that are present will seal the home and can allow you to save more money on your energy bills.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to increase the energy efficiency around your home, our technicians are here to provide you with more information. Call Vastola Heating & Cooling in Orchard Park, NY, today to speak to the experts. We will reply to all your questions and help you create an energy efficient home. We provide a variety of heating- and cooling-related services.