Why Product Warranties Are Important

March 19, 2019

When you buy a new HVAC system, manufacturers usually include a limited warranty. However, this only protects your purchase for a short amount of time and only covers a limited set of problems. After the warranty’s expiration date, you’ll be on your own. This is why extended product warranties are so important.

What Does a Manufacturer’s Warranty Cover?

Although each manufacturer can establish different warranty terms for the equipment made by that particular company, limited warranties only cover certain things. Most cover manufacturing defects and faulty materials. Some will include provisions regarding workmanship issues.

Many manufacturers also require licensed technicians to certify that the equipment problems are due to one of these three things. Otherwise, they won’t pay up. Even more important, such a warranty will only last for a limited time.

Why an Extended Warranty Is Important

Purchasing an extended warranty from your knowledgeable HVAC service provider ensures that your equipment will be protected for its probable life expectancy. If you have your installation performed by Vastola Heating & Cooling and purchase the extended warranty, you’ll have peace of mind.

Extended warranties pick up where a manufacturer’s warranty leaves off. A heating and cooling system is an important investment for both your home and your family. By protecting it with an extended warranty, you can have confidence that it will continue running smoothly without interruptions, and you won’t have to worry about additional expenditures down the line. An extended warranty on your HVAC equipment purchase will safeguard you from the rising cost of repairs. In addition, it will stay with the equipment and be transferable to another owner.

Rely on the Local Experts

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