Why Air Filters are Important for Your Heating System

October 21, 2019

Without an air filter in your central heating system, the interior components of your heater would get dirty and be placed under excess stress. The quality of the air in your home would also decrease as particles and pollutants build up over time. Having clean air filters in your heating system is important for a variety of reasons.

Protecting Your Heater’s Interior

An important function of the air filter is to protect the heat exchanger of your system. If dust accumulates on this component, it can reduce the efficiency of your unit and cause your energy bills to increase. Having a dirty heat exchanger can also cause a variety of other problems to arise with your system.

Healthy Air in Your Home

Having indoor air that is free of harmful particulates, including disease-causing bacteria, is important. A filter can remove many types of particles and improve your health. Clean filters are especially important for people who suffer from asthma or other respiratory diseases. Homes with pets that shed also need to have a high-quality filter to keep the dander at bay.

Air Filter Replacement

Most air filters will need to be replaced every three to six months. As dirt accumulates on the filter, it slows down airflow. This decreases the efficiency of your heating system and also reduces the amount of air that can be filtered. Homes with pets or other sources of dust or dirt might need filters replaced more often.

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