What is Balanced Ventilation?

September 22, 2019

Ventilation is more than just the movement of conditioned air throughout a home or business. Such aeration is also crucial to introducing fresh air and releasing spent air. As homes become better sealed, indoor air pollution is a growing concern. The EPA warns that the pollution within our walls can be 10 times or more the outdoor levels.

Mechanical and Natural Ventilation

Vastola Heating & Cooling has served Erie County, NY, and the neighboring communities for nearly 70 years. A focus on ventilation is an important aspect of what we do. Natural ventilation is the fresh air that enters your home through seams, gaps, cracks and so on. Mechanical ventilation controls airflow through a home using, for instance, air ducts. Some natural ventilation is to be expected, but in modern, well-sealed homes, mechanical ventilation controls most of the airflow.

How a Balanced Ventilation System Works

A balanced ventilation system matches the exhausted air with an equal amount of fresh air. When such a system is working well, it neither increases or decreases the pressure within the home. Balanced ventilation helps to ensure that indoor pollution levels are no more than external pollution levels.

Separating Ventilation from Temperature Control

Balanced ventilation and temperature-control ventilation can be and often are combined. However, as an air handler turns on/off or increases/decreases its speed, it can unbalance ventilation. To maintain a proper balance for both systems, these approaches to ventilation are often separated.

Can Balanced Ventilation Be as Efficient?

Balanced ventilation can cause energy loss because conditioned air leaves the home at a faster rate than would otherwise be necessary. However, there are technologies, such as heat recovery ventilators and enthalpy recovery ventilators, that have been designed and are being iterated on to offset such loss.

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