What Are the Different Types of Heating Systems?

January 20, 2020

Heating systems come in a variety of types that combine heat generation with a distribution system. The generator usually burns a fuel like natural gas or creates heat from an electric current. The heat is then moved to each room of your living space through vents or radiators. Below are the five most common types of heating systems.


Typically furnaces burn fuel like natural gas, heating oil, or propane to generate heat quickly. Some, however, are electric. Because they excel at providing heat fast, residential furnaces usually are paired with a forced air distribution system. They are a good option for buildings and homes that experience extreme winters.

Boiler Heating System


Boilers generate hot water or steam, which is then sent through radiators or baseboard heating systems. They deliver heat to living spaces efficiently, but they usually can’t heat a space quickly. They work well in milder climates that don’t experience sudden temperature changes.

Heat Pumps

These versatile systems capture the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor environments. Installed outside a building, they excel at supplying both heating and cooling in mild climates. They run on electricity in most cases, but they can also draw energy from geothermal sources.

Electric Heating

Space heaters and electric baseboard heating systems can serve the heating needs for a living space. Like hot water heating systems, they are not as well-suited to cold winter weather or extreme temperature changes. They are also expensive to operate in many places because of the amount of electricity they consume.

Solar Heating

Solar Panel HeatingSolar heating systems are called active solar systems to distinguish them from passive solar heating. Typically, solar units are installed on a building’s roof that heat water or air. The heated medium is then moved into the building’s rooms to supplement the heat that is supplied by a traditional system.

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