Three Ways to Check Your Home for Air Leaks

April 10, 2019

Air leaks are common in many homes and can be a nuisance during extreme weather. Air from the outdoors can seep in through small openings near windows, external doors, and air vents. Once the air is inside, it changes the indoor temperature, meaning your AC has to fight harder to keep your home comfortable. This creates a noticeable spike in your utility bills as well as causing wear and tear on your AC system.

You should routinely check your home for leaks since they can pop up anytime. Here are three easy ways to inspect your house for air leaks.

1. Find Minor Air Leaks With Your Hand

You can detect large air leaks easily enough with just your hand. No need for fancy tools! Since air leaks are most common near parts of your home that face the outdoors, you should focus on your windows, external doors, and air vents. Pick either a cold day when your heat is running or a hot day when your AC is running. Place your hand near the edges of your doors, windows, and vents. If you notice a big contrast in temperature or feel drafts or breezes, then you probably have an air leak.

2. Discover Air Leaks With a Candle

When it comes to relatively minor leaks, you can detect them using a lit candle. For this test, you should turn off your AC or heat. With a lit candle in hand, carefully move the candle near the edges of doors, windows and air vents. If the candle flame flickers or goes out, that means air is leaking in from the outside.

3. Find Air Leaks by De-Pressurizing Your House

De-pressurizing your home is another technique for detecting air leaks in your house. For the best results, you should perform this test on a windy day. To get started, turn off your AC or furnace along with any fans in your home. Next, you’ll need to light a stick of incense; a candle won’t work for this because it doesn’t make enough smoke. Do a full walk-through of your home and pass the incense near the edges of windows, doors and vents. If you notice the smoke is either being blown around the room or sucked out of the house, then you probably have a leak in that spot.

Air leaks are common, and we can help you get to the bottom of the problem as well as help you fix it. At Vastola Heating & Cooling in Orchard Park, our NATE-certified technicians have kept Erie County’s air conditioners running smoothly since 1946. We’ve successfully completed thousands of AC and heating installations, repairs and maintenance plans. Give us a call to learn how our certified technicians can bring comfort and energy efficiency to your home. We offer heating, cooling, and duct sealing services, too.