HVAC Troubleshooting Tips

February 10, 2020

Your HVAC system will benefit from getting extra care and attention in between scheduled tune-ups. In the event that the unit develops problems, you can safely carry out minor adjustments to improve its performance. Not every issue requires special tools or advanced skills.

1. Check and Replace Filters

As you use your HVAC system throughout the year to achieve and maintain comfortable indoor conditions, dust and debris build up on its inner components. The good news is that a filter is in place to protect the system’s most vulnerable parts. This filter needs to be replaced at least every 90 days. If you have allergies or pets, you should change it sooner, perhaps once a month.

2. Clean the Outdoor Unit to the Best of Your Ability

The dirtier your HVAC system is, the more prone it will be to efficiency and performance problems. This is the case because the dirty components inside it have to work harder than usual. Instead of heating and cooling your home with ease, the unit will run longer and overheat more quickly. You can help minimize this possibility by cleaning the outdoor condenser. First, remove twigs, leaves and other pieces of debris. It’s also wise to trim any shrubs that are touching the equipment. Then, remove the top of the condenser so that you can wipe off as much dust and detritus as possible. You can even use a garden water hose to rinse off the dirt.

Alternatively, you can turn to Vastola Heating & Cooling because the seasoned technicians on our team can clean and restore your HVAC system in a timely manner. The residents of Orchard Park get our full attention, so put our heating and cooling services to good use.

Rely on Your HVAC Experts

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