How To Prepare Air Conditioner for the Summer

June 6, 2021
AC Summer Preparation in Orchard Park, NY

With the summer season about to set in, it is wise to make sure that your air conditioning unit functions optimally. Giving it a tune-up will help you stay comfortable and relaxed during the humid summer months.

Regardless of whether your AC unit has been functioning during the winter season or not, it is recommended that you perform some routine check-ups. Below are some tips to help you prepare your air conditioning for the summer.

Change or Replace the Air Filter

The air filters help prevent dust particles from getting into the system. The accumulated dust, dirt, and other air particles might increase energy bills and reduce the cooling rate.

To ensure your air conditioning unit works best during the summer, inspect the air filters. Bear in mind that some systems contain replaceable filters while others have reusable filters. If your unit has reusable filters, you only need to clean them and put them back.

Clean the Outdoor Unit Area

When preparing your air conditioning for the summer, ensure that the area around your AC unit is clean. Be sure to clear all leaves, debris, grass, or other plants surrounding the outdoor unit.

Usually, the outdoor unit absorbs heat from the indoor warm air and then dumps it outside your home. For this reason, it is important that you ensure that your outdoor unit has clear surroundings. Keeping the area clear will help you increase the efficiency of your system by effectively disposing of the heat. This will reduce energy bills.

Additionally, you can avoid the risk of your system stopping unexpectedly. While cleaning your air conditioner exterior unit, we recommend that you use a soft brush. You can also use a hose sprayer.

Inspect the Vents

The vents are the air distribution provisions within your home. Sometimes the supply vents may get blocked, hence the need to check them before the summer season sets. You only need to open the supply vents in all your rooms and clear any obstruction. Also, get rid of anything that blocks them, including draperies or furniture.

Blocked supply vents mean high pressure in the ductwork within your home. As a result, your ductwork might leak, which reduces the cooling efficiency of your AC. Your air conditioning unit will have to work for a long time to achieve the set cooling levels if the ducts are leaking.

You might also experience issues with air coordination for unconditioned areas or attic spaces caused by a leaking air duct. Inspecting your vents will help you avoid a system breakdown resulting from the AC blower working too hard.

Check the Drain Tubes

Typically, your air conditioning unit has a drain line that works in dumping out the moisture collected from your house. You should inspect your drain lines regularly. With blocked drain lines, water will get back into the house, causing severe water damage.

In addition, blocked drain tubes might trigger your air conditioning unit safety switch to turn off. As a result, your indoor home temperature will rise, which might be an uncomfortable experience over the summer.

You can clear the stuck debris in your drain lines using a dry/wet vacuum. However, if this fails to work, be sure to contact Vastola Heating & Cooling. Our technicians are ready to help you with all your AC conditioning work, including unblocking your drain lines.

Inspect the Coolant Lines

Typically, the refrigerant pipes or tubes are usually insulated using foam coolant insulation. They typically run from the evaporator conditioner to the outdoor condenser.

When preparing your air conditioner for the summer, check for any wear or tear with the insulation and replace it if needed. You may replace the worn-out parts with new insulating sleeves or foam-insulating tape.

Contact the Professionals

Another effective way of preparing your air conditioning system for the summer is scheduling annual professional maintenance. Although you can use the above tips to prepare your AC unit for the summer, our technicians will help you with a thorough check-up for your cooling system. Our technicians have the skills to diagnose and identify potential air conditioner problems. This will help you avoid system downtime during the summer.

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