How To Improve Your AC’s Efficiency

July 29, 2021
AC Efficiency in Orchard Park, NY

At Vastola Heating & Cooling, we help clients in Orchard Park and throughout Erie County stay comfortable throughout the year. When the summer arrives in western New York, cooling your home can produce a tradeoff. The warm temperatures and humid atmosphere will make things uncomfortable quickly, but running your air conditioner raises your utility costs. We have a few suggestions on how to get the best performance from your air conditioner this year.

Protect the System

Getting the best results from your AC equipment begins with caring for it when it is not in use. Your AC condenser sits outside in the elements for the whole year. Upstate New York winters provide plenty of wind, snow and cold temperatures. You can protect the equipment by wrapping it with a tarp secured with bungee cords. This step will prevent dust and debris from getting inside.

Outdoor exposure also breaks down the insulation that surrounds your coolant pipes. Before the season begins, you should check for any crumbling insulation or exposed pipe. This inexpensive DIY project will increase the system’s efficiency.

Maintaining sufficient airflow is essential to a well-functioning system. The cooling months are also the time of year when plants grow quickly. Be sure to cut down grass and other plant growth that could block the air intake.

A Professional Tune-Up

One of the best things you can do for your air conditioner is to schedule a maintenance appointment with a professional company like Vastola Heating & Cooling. Our technicians will come to your location and check your system for any issues. They will clean the condenser coils and lubricate moving parts. While they are working, they will look for any signs of wear and tear. It is better to fix small issues before they result in an unexpected breakdown. After our team checks your system, you can relax knowing that you are ready for the summer ahead.

We have worked with hundreds of home comfort systems in Erie County, and we know that well-maintained equipment performs better and lasts longer. An annual maintenance appointment prevents unexpected repairs and gives your system extra seasons of functionality. A small annual investment increases the return on your long-term AC investment.

Change the Air Filter

Your home air filter protects your heating and cooling equipment from impurities like dust and hair. However, when the filter is full, it decreases airflow and makes your system work harder. In the average home, filters last about three months. Homes with shedding pets may need to give the filter more frequent attention. Our team can show you how to make the switch and recommend filters for your system.

Maintain a Constant Temperature

It takes more work to lower the temperature from a high level than to maintain the same level. Many homeowners only turn on their equipment when the house gets uncomfortable. We find that air conditioners work best when they are keeping things at a consistent temperature. Applying this strategy will also control your home’s humidity.

Close Unused Zones

Modern home comfort systems provide flexibility in how you heat and cool your home. Most houses have a temperature zone on every floor. However, larger homes may have several zones in living spaces and bedrooms. Closing off unused portions of the house will make it easier for your system to cool the common spaces. If there is a single unused room in a zone, close its vent and shut the door. Your cooling system will bring the temperature down in the active areas faster.

Update Your Thermostats

The thermostats are the control centers for your air conditioner. Many homeowners are discovering the benefits of modern smart thermostats. With these devices, you can create a daily or weekly program for your home comfort. You can even monitor and adjust your house’s temperature with a smartphone while you are away. The experts at Vastola Heating & Cooling can help you choose and install the latest models.

Your Erie County Home Comfort Team

Vastola Heating & Cooling is the team Erie County trusts for air conditioning maintenance, repair and installation. We are available to repair your system any time of the day or night. You can also contact us for help with heating systems, indoor air quality equipment, home humidifiers, and emergency generators. If you are looking for a company to keep your home comfortable every season, contact us today.