How To Determine if Your AC Needs Emergency Service

September 20, 2020

When the hot summer sun re-emerges, you want to be equipped with a working air conditioner in Orchard Park, NY. Things can be rather rough if your AC unit is not functioning well during this season. It is always advisable to have your cooling system serviced on a regular basis. Also, look out for early signs of problems and have them repaired as early as possible. It will save you money and spare you the distress caused by a broken AC unit. So, what are some signs of breakage to watch out for? Here are seven things that will determine if your AC unit needs emergency services.

1. Warm Air Blowing From Vents

Air flowing from the vents should be cool. If you notice warm or hot air coming from the vents, then there is a possibility of faulty vents or compressors. The system could also be experiencing restricted airflow. Warm air in the house can be quite uncomfortable during hot summer days. Therefore, you need to have the issue fixed as soon as you sense a malfunction. A professional HVAC company will be able to diagnose the problem and rectify it quickly.

2. Inefficient Airflow and Unpleasant Smells

An early sign that your AC unit is not working effectively is a poor flow of air through the vents. Another sign is a lack of fresh air around the house or if you have to constantly hold your nose due to unpleasant smells. The issue could be that the air filter is clogged or too old and needs to be replaced. Cracked ductwork could also be to blame for the inhibited flow of air. If you fail to address the problem early enough, you could jeopardize the health of your family. Seek professional advice from a reliable HVAC company near you.

3. Loud and Disturbing Noises

A cooling system usually produces some low-level noise that will not wake up a sleeping baby. However, if the noise becomes too loud for your ears, then it is probably a sign that something is wrong with the unit. Weird sounds are normally an indication of a serious issue and, therefore, should not be ignored. For instance, a buzzing or rattling noise can be a sign of a loose part. You need to call in an expert to find the source of the noise.

4. Unusual Cycling

Your air conditioner should have regular cooling cycles. Even when the weather gets hotter during the summer months, the cycles should be fairly uniform. If you notice more frequent cycles, even on days that are not so hot, it is time to seek out professional help. Mechanical problems could be at play, but the thermostat could also take the blame. Unusual cycling is a sign that your system needs immediate servicing or a replacement.

5. High Humidity Levels Indoors

One of the functions of an air conditioner is to control the amount of humidity in a home. When humidity levels get too high, a house begins to feel stuffy and mold starts to grow on surfaces. If you notice these signs, there is a possibility that your AC unit is not working properly. Water pooling around your windows is a telltale sign that your air conditioner is not in good shape. The only way to find out the cause of the issue is by calling an emergency AC repair and maintenance service. Technicians will determine whether your residence requires a new dehumidifier system or simply a recalibration of the existing system.

6. Unusually High Utility Bills

You know what to expect in terms of your utility bills during the hot and humid season. Of course, the bills are higher than in other seasons, but they should not deviate much from what you paid last summer. However, that can only be so if your AC unit is working properly. A faulty air conditioner can send your electricity bills skyrocketing. It is likely that the cooling system is cycling irregularly, thus causing a rise in your bills. A professional tune-up can help to get the system working efficiently again.

7. Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant is part of the central air unit that helps in the cooling process. Leaks around the AC unit may be an indication of a problem with the refrigerant. Some reasons for the leak could include dirty air filters, a broken pipe, or a clogged drain line. Such leaks can pose serious health problems to your family and need to be addressed immediately.

All of the above emergency signs should be handled by an expert. So, if you suspect a problem with your AC unit, call our HVAC technicians at Vastola Heating & Cooling in Orchard Park. We are at your service whenever you need our reliable and professional help. At Vastola Heating & Cooling, we have a skilled team that will diagnose your heating and cooling unit and offer the best solutions. Our rates are affordable, too. We can assist you with heating and cooling repairs, installation, and maintenance.