Effective AC Maintenance to Prepare for Orchard Park, NY, Summer

May 15, 2024
Effective AC Maintenance to Prepare for Orchard Park, NY. Summer

Summer in upstate New York doesn’t get as sweltering hot as other parts of the country, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need your AC. To get the most cooling power from your air conditioner, you want to prepare it early before summer’s heat arrives. At Vastola Heating & Cooling, we help homeowners in the Orchard Park, NY area get their cooling systems primed to ensure they cool homes properly. In this post, we tell you more about what to expect from professional AC maintenance and the benefits that come with it.

Professional AC Maintenance Procedures

A common question homeowners ask is: When should I have my air conditioner serviced? The recommended maintenance schedule for an air conditioner is once a year before the cooling season begins.

Another question homeowners ask is: Why is professional maintenance important? Most people know they need to change the filter every 30 days to keep their cooling system running efficiently, but having the system professionally inspected and maintained takes things to a completely different level.

The maintenance steps vary depending on the make and model of your air conditioner, but here’s a brief overview of what to expect from the AC maintenance process:


A clean air conditioner runs better and contributes to cleaner indoor air. During a maintenance service, cooling specialists clean the condenser and evaporator coils, the condensate drain and drip tray, the air distribution boxes, and all electrical components.


A well-lubricated air conditioner experiences fewer mechanical breakdowns. Once a year, during a pre-season service, cooling specialists lubricate critical parts of the system, such as the blower motor’s pulleys and bearings.


Cleaning and lubricating the air conditioner is important, but professional maintenance services entail much more. Cooling specialists spend a good deal of time inspecting various parts of the unit to ensure it is in tip-top shape. Your technician will inspect the condenser unit for rust and corrosion. The condenser unit is the outside part of the AC system and is exposed to the elements 24/7. After inspecting for corrosion, the technician also checks the outdoor unit for signs of damage, like broken fan blades or damaged electrical connections.

Inside, the technician inspects the unit for refrigerant leaks. A coolant leak can affect how well the system cools your home and can even cause the unit to freeze up. While the technician is checking for these leaks, they’ll also verify that the Freon is charged properly.

Another aspect of the inspection process is checking for faulty duct connections. Leaky ductwork connections affect airflow and can cause some rooms to feel cooler than others.

After all cleaning and inspection processes have been completed, the technician will often give you tips for keeping the unit maintained as summer goes on. Usually, it’s no more than reminding you to change the filter every 30 days. If the technician finds any damage or points of concern, they’ll give you their recommendations for making the repairs.

Between maintenance appointments, make sure to continue to keep the indoor and outdoor units clean. Wipe off dust from the indoor handler and hose off the outdoor condenser once a week as part of your lawn care routine.

Benefits of Professional Maintenance

You might think professional AC maintenance is pricey and not worth the investment. However, major repairs caused by unaddressed problems growing out of control could cost you far more in the long run. Homeowners who make professional AC maintenance a priority enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Lower operating costs
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Increased longevity
  • Improved indoor air quality

If you want to get the most benefit from professional AC maintenance, technicians recommend scheduling this service twice a season. While spring maintenance prepares your system for summer, end-of-summer maintenance is recommended before shutting the system down. If you have any issues pop up over the summer, fixing them promptly means you won’t have to worry about them next year.

#1 Choice for AC Maintenance

You deserve to feel cool and comfortable in your home and the team at Vastola Heating & Cooling wants to help you do this. We offer many HVAC services beyond AC maintenance, such as AC installation, heating services, and generator installation.

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