What is Balanced Ventilation?

September 22, 2019

Ventilation is more than just the movement of conditioned air throughout a home or business. Such aeration is also crucial to introducing fresh air and releasing spent air. As homes become better sealed, indoor air pollution is a growing concern. The EPA warns that the pollution within our walls can be 10 times or more the outdoor levels. Mechanical and Natural Ventilation has served Erie County, NY, and the neighboring communities for nearly 70 years. A focus on ventilation is an important aspect of what we do. Natural ventilation is the fresh air that enters your home through seams, gaps,...

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What to Look for In An Air Conditioning Company

April 20, 2016

For most of us, a house represents the largest financial investment we’ll ever make. That means finding a local HVAC company to handle your AC needs is of utmost importance, as well. The company you pick will be your partner in choosing and maintaining your home’s HVAC unit, which has consequences you might not have thought about. Since cooling and heating can account for almost half of a typical homeowner’s energy costs, making the right decision can have an impact on your financial well-being, in addition to the comfort of you and your family. For years, people in have trusted...

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