Are Annual Furnace Inspections Necessary?

January 10, 2020

Requesting a service technician to visit your home and perform an inspection seems like a good plan. Why do some homeowners feel cautious about asking for help? They may worry about the cost. If so, they may not be looking at the overall big picture. The nominal charge for an inspection could save a lot of money.

Make Necessary Repairs Right Away

Annual Furnace InspectionsAn annual inspection allows a technician to look over your furnace closely. He/she might notice a problem that should be fixed right away to prevent the heater from outright breaking down. For example, worn parts that won’t last much longer can be replaced before they fail. Perhaps some repairs are even overdue, but you may be unaware of the existing problem.

Either way, an inspection allows one of our technicians to get right on top of maintenance jobs. Residents in and around Orchard Park may find the maintenance work by Vastola Heating & Cooling appreciated. Besides routine service, our company offers repairs and installations for heaters and AC units.

A Chance to Clean the Furnace

A furnace doesn’t operate with maximum efficiency if there are old filters and extensive collections of soot and dirt in the works. An inspection allows the technician to note whether or not cleaning the system is necessary. Honestly, if the unit hasn’t been cleaned in a while, then maybe it is best to have the work done right away. And you probably want a pro with the right tools to handle the task.

Improve Efficiency

Improve Efficiency in Your HomeRepairs and cleaning work could help a furnace run more efficiently. That means it won’t strain or struggle to heat your home. Moreover, a struggling furnace could run up your bills since it requires extra energy to run. A decent tune-up could restore efficiency and cut down on costs.

Be sure to request an inspection before winter arrives, though. Try to schedule your inspection in the fall rather than in early December.

At Vastola Heating & Cooling in Orchard Park, we’ve been in business since 1946, providing not only heating and cooling work but also service requests for generators, too. Call us today and ask for help at your home.