High Quality Air Conditioning Service

    At Vastola Heating & Cooling in Amherst, NY, we know how much you rely upon your climate-control equipment. Researching an AC company near Amherst, NY, includes Google reviews.
    Our technicians work hard to make sure all work is done correctly, on time, on budget, and to our customer’s satisfaction.

    We’ve been serving the area as a top-rated AC company for many years, and know what it takes to keep our customers cool. During the summer, temperatures can soar in Erie County. You need your AC to keep the interior of your home or business comfortable, and we’re always here to make that happen. In fact, we’ve been providing superior air conditioning service to residents of western New York State for more than 70 years!

    AC Company in Amherst

    About our AC company:
    • NATE-certified technicians
    • Emergency repair services 24/7
    • Top-quality parts and equipment
    • Cost-effective products and services

    Whether you need help with repairs, installation or maintenance, our AC company is here to assist. You can count on us.

    Efficient Air Conditioner Service in Amherst

    Air Conditioning Service in AmherstWhen you’re having AC difficulties, you need trained professionals from a reliable AC company. Your air conditioning setup is a complex system that requires quite a bit of skill, experience, and technical expertise. Thankfully, our team is full of professionals with just the right skillset. Our technicians at Vastola Heating & Cooling understand exactly how to troubleshoot any air conditioning system. If it isn’t working properly, we can identify the underlying issue. Once we’ve pinpointed your problem, we’ll work quickly to repair the malfunction. Soon, your home or business will be comfortable again.

    AC problems we fix include:
    • Refrigerant leaks
    • Broken thermostats
    • Clogged or dirty filters
    • Corroded evaporator coils
    • Malfunctioning compressors

    Our technicians have the equipment and the knowledge base to work on practically every make and model.

    Cost-Effective Air Conditioning Installation

    Conscientious installation is one of the most important air conditioning service Vastola Heating & Cooling in Amherst offers. If you’ve purchased a warranty with your new cooling system, read the fine print. Many warranties specify that they will be voided if you don’t have your new system installed by qualified professionals. We know how to hook up your new system and calibrate it for peak efficiency. This has the potential for significant savings on your monthly utility bills. Not only that, newer air conditioners come with improved design for better performance and energy efficiency! If you’d like to learn more or move forward with an AC installation, our team is ready to get you started. We carry a great line of top-rated air conditioners from some of the best brands in the industry. We’ll ensure your new AC is installed perfectly, and make the process smooth and simple from beginning to end.

    Regular AC Maintenance Protects Your Equipment

    Vastola Heating & Cooling in WNYRegular maintenance prolongs the operating life of your cooling system. If you neglect this essential component, you may see your energy bills climb and your air conditioner’s performance decline. Vastola Heating & Cooling has been providing customers in Amherst and surrounding communities with premium maintenance since 1946. Our technicians will give your air conditioner a top-to-bottom inspection, cleaning, and tuning so you can enjoy reliable cooling performance year after year.

    We can supply any air conditioning service you need. Contact our AC company today for more information.

    Not looking for cooling? We also offer heating services as well as heat pump services! We also provide ductless air conditioning services.