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Vastola Heating & Cooling offers two ways to keep your heating and cooling system in top shape. 

 1.  A yearly maintenance program is available for those who want us to schedule regular visits.

 2 . "Clean and Tune Special" is for those who like to schedule it on their own. 

Both programs offer the same list of tasks, one is automatically entered into our schedule and the other is not scheduled until we are called

Vastola prices this service according to our cost of performing the work.  We refuse to use a clean and tune to solicit unnecessary service or replacements.  Our service technicians are not salespeople, they are service technicians with the proper training to service and maintain your equipment while it is servicable.  If your equipment has become cost prohibitive to  repair or if you will truly benefit from newer, more energy-efficient equipment, the service technician will recommend that you talk to a salesperson about a replacement. 

With all of the rebates, coupons, specials and incentives constantly changing today, a salesperson will be more up to date on the current value of replacement.