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EMPOWER NEW YORK and Vastola heating and Cooling will send a BPI certified specialist to diagnose your home energy needs.
Empower New York Is the FREE way to a more energy-efficienct home or apartment. 
Contact Vastola Heating and Cooling directly for a prompt application process.

You may be eligible for EmPower if you qualify for HEAP benefits, Participate in a utility payment assistance program or have a household income below 60% of the state median income.

Income-eligible New Yorkers can get no cost upgrades to their homes that will reduce energy bills.

                                       Income Eligibility Guidelines

                Household Size                                                 Monthly                                                        Annual

                                1                                                              $2,138                                                         $25,656

                                2                                                              $2,796                                                         $33,552

                                3                                                              $3,453                                                         $41,436

                                4                                                              $4,111                                                         $49,332

                                5                                                              $4,769                                                         $57,228

                                6                                                              $5,427                                                         $65,124          

                                7                                                              $5,550                                                         $66,600

                                8                                                              $5,673                                                         $68,076

                                9                                                              $5,797                                                         $69,564


Donít forget Vastola Heating and Cooling also participates in the Home Performance with Energy Star program. This provides 50% subsidy to families below 80% of the state median income. Also if you are not income eligible Vastola Heating and Cooling provides free Ė no cost energy audits along with 10% off the recommend work scope, Along with low cost financing.